Sunday, 21 February 2010

The Fourth Test

Cruz de Ferro

The cross at Foncebadon

Continue walking toward the rising sun. You will come upon a hill, and on the top of this hill you will find a wooden post placed there by the Romans in homage to the God Mercury. Leave your stone there.

Close to this monument there is a city that I prophesized in 1986 would be reborn. It was reborn.

In the center of this city stands a cross.

Your image standing next to the monument to Mercury is the fourth test. Your image in front of the cross in the city is also the fourth test.

At least I was able to rescue test 4 out of the ashes of test 3... and as I mentioned in the wrong Test Three, I was able to leave my stone and a silk bracelet given to me by a fellow pilgrim on last years Camino, and have my photo taken at the Roman's homage to Mercury, The Cruz de Ferro.

I have now passed this cross 4 times and it never ceases to tug on my emotions. I have left quite a lot of excess baggage at that place on the top of the Camino, and this will, I hope, allow my wings to fly higher & further.

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