Saturday, 20 February 2010

The Quest for the Sword - The Enigma

A week is long enough to decide whether you are going to accept your destiny... or not...

On the 1st day of this new year, Paulo Coelho posted something in his blog, he does this daily, but this time it was no ordinary post. Not that any of Paulo's posts could ever be considered to be ordinary, but this post was a real challenge, a Quest for a Sword given to him 2 years hence by a follower of his during a convention in the Benedictine Abbey of Melk in Austria.

In addition to the sword, Paulo was offering a prize of $10000 US in cash to the first person who would complete a journey of approximately 1500 km, (*due to a change of schedule in the middle at test 5, the two finalists completed approx 4500 km) extending from the North West corner of Spain to the foot hills of the French Pyrenees.

Along this beautiful, mysterious and historical route, Paulo Coelho had set 12 tasks to be fulfilled by those who dared to venture out on his... or her Enigma!

Each task had been most carefully and personally chosen by Paulo Coelho. Each location and excercise, took the participant on an intriguing tour of the most intimate of places, many of which had blessed this best selling author with the inspiration for many of his finest literary works.

Paulo made it quite clear from the outset, that the journey would prove to be the most rewarding part of the quest... and he was right.

Both the sword and the prize money were necessary because the art of alchemy is to project on to the material plane what has been conquered on the spiritual.

This is the story of my personal Quest for the Sword... The Enigma... and Chasing Santiago

With ♥ Paul from Austria

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