Sunday, 21 February 2010

The Twelfth Test

Paulo Coelho's sacred workplace...

It was an an incredible feeling to be able to stand here, at Paulo's desk... in the hallowed grounds of a place which has given birth to several of the author's masterpieces. It was also a great relief after the stresses and strains of the Enigma, to have finally reached the location of the Twelfth Test!

I believe Paulo is writing his latest novel from this very desk at this very moment. It is surely a blessing to have made acquaintance with a respected and admired artist while he is still with us. I was not able to make acquaintance with Van Gogh, Renoir, St Exupery, and CG Jung in a similar manner unfortunately.

Despite the fact that I started out 10 days at least after SantiagosDream, I finished, not even, 10 minutes behind him. I congratulate the winner and all those who took part in this journey of a lifetime and I am truly proud to have finished the Enigma with all Tests correctly fulfilled... It remains for Paulo Coelho alone to judge, whether or not I was an "Impeccable Warrior!"

On the last day of the Enigma, Sunday February 7th at 15:00 pm in Viloria de Rioja, there were only 2 warriors who had completed all the Tests, bar one, the Twelfth, succesfully. I am proud to say I was one of those people. There were 4 warriors at Acacio and Orietta's residence at 15:00 on that Sunday afternoon...

Rosa de los Vientos together with her husband Emilio, Carolena Sabah, SantiagosDream, and myself. Two of us, SantiagosDream and I, drove like lunatics to the final location in the French Pyrenees...

"Chasing Santiago"

I chased Santiago(sDream) all the way from the Galician City of Santiago de Compostela to the quaint little town of St Martin in the Pyrenees, fighting fiercly and fairly. We met three times on the road, always courteous, never-the-less, on this challenge, there was no 2nd place on the podium... Well done SatiagosDream!

But then, everyone who took part, was a winner... Yeah!!!

I will carry the memories of this fantastic journey of Paulo Coelho's Enigma Challenge, surely into my next life...

With Love, Paul from Austria


  1. What a nice blog! We are sure you´re "a" winner (and for us, also "the"...). Things you have learned during your journey will help you in the future, so you have won a lot of knowledge. Life it´s about this,it isn´t? Lots of love from Vicky and me.

  2. People always arrive at the right moment at the place where someone awaits them.
    Paulo Coelho.

    Thelma xxx