Sunday, 28 February 2010


This is the story of Paul from Austria's personal Quest for the Sword... on Paulo Coelho's Enigma Challenge... Chasing Santiago for 4500 km, from the north west corner of Galicia to the foothils of the French Pyrenees. The journey never ends, as in life itself, it a circle, always returning to the beginning, to allow us to correct any false courses (paths) we may have taken... God always offers us a second chance... take yours... I have!

Please take into consideration that this blog is not finished, it has just started, and it is my first ever attempt at such. Therefore you will find mistakes, until I have found and corrected them myself, and you will note that the quality of the photography is not always the best, due to the fact that I was mostly alone and took them at arms length with a mobile telephone. 

Do please consider my privacy and the privacy of others, and be courteous when posting a comment.

I do hope you will enjoy reading about my journey, and those of my fellow competitors, and that it will inspire you to stop, think about your life, and to change that part of it with which you are not happy... perhaps we only get one... it would be a shame to waste it!

Love, Paul

© The content of this, my blog, is a personal account which I have chosen to share for the benefit of others. However, you may not use or copy any material herein, for public use, without my permission. Thank you for your understanding.


  1. Dear Paul
    What a wonderful work of shared experience and lived.
    A unique way that only you can teach us.
    I believe that these 12 steps is the major step for the other achievements that you will start to give.
    The journey is not over, as I told you here in Viloria.
    I think for everyone who had the courage to compete and find the 12 puzzles are now prepared to face any other challenge.

  2. Dear Paul,
    I am at your Blog reading once again. Just noticed that I can click to enlarge each image too!
    Enjoyed reading about your adventure very much. Full of enthusiasm, courage and determination. I read so much heart and strength in your words. You're an inspiration Paul, thank you.
    Still want to make comments at certain spots but want to read again first.
    It was a blessing and a pleasure to walk up the esplanade at Melk, enter the fountain area, and see you first thing.
    Thank you for sharing your adventure with us.
    Love and Blessings, Jane