Sunday, 21 February 2010

The Ninth Test

Continue toward an old Roman camp that was baptized with the name of a Phoenician princess. Ask there for an old Celtic monument in the middle of a corn field. If no-one knows the answer, take the old road that leads to the city where a king lived who decided to put food on the table of all the residents of his kingdom. Walk three to five kilometers, and just before you reach a place where women cook, turn right and go straight ahead. You will find the monument.

Your image in front of the monument is the ninth test.

I had also begun to feel extremely tired and unconcentrated, searching for that silly block of stone in the middle of a field, in the middle of nowhere. I didn't meet a singe inhabitant who had a clue as to it's existence, and yet it was under their very noses the whole time. Don't these people go for walks, I thought to myself?

Once again I became aware of the fact that, as i life itself, things, unlike people of course, don't always appear or happen exactly when they are expected. It is quite obvious that Paulo's gps or measuring stick, was not entirely accurate on the day he planned this particular task. The Obelisque was in fact, exactly 7 kilometers along the old road and after turning right, one still had to make a number of further turns. Sometimes I even had the feeling that Paulo was hovering around in a Helicopter, watching and having fun as I was desperatley seeking... this obscure object, which no-one had ever heard of... Thank God I finally found it, and thereafter, instead of turning around, I raced accross the fields as if in a world cup ralley... the car looked at least as though I had done, as i raced past one of the locals who had denied the obelisque's existence... I can imagine what he might have been thinking as I saw him through the rear view mirror, scratching his head... décidément, il est fou... 

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