Sunday, 21 February 2010

The Tenth Test

Our Lady of Lourdes

A young girl sees another girl dressed in white. The girl in white asks her to dig a hole, eat the earth and drink the water. A spring is born there.

Drink this water, and wash your face with it.

Your image in front of the place where the spring was born is the tenth test.

Given that I had begun my Camino de Santiago of 2009 here in Lourdes, the tenth test was, for me, as easy to solve as the first test, and when standing in front of the Grotto, I remebered my feelings of Good Friday last year. I had said prayers for Monika, my dear friend who is now no longer with us.

The emotions rose once more and it was once more quite clear to me that this return to the beginning of my Camino was certainly no coincidence. Having placed a stone for Monika at every single possible point on the path last year, the universe called me back to close the circle, and to end the time of mourning, giving way to a time of freedom and joy, knowing that she was now looking down and watching over those she has left behind. I said my prayers, lit a candle, washed my face and drank of the fountain. This was no drilled task, it was a ritual of deep communication with the feminine side of God.

I kept my visit relatively short. in order to move on to the next location... up the valley and into the mysterious mountains, which set many a scene for Paulo Coelho's marvellous books.    

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